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  • To create a calibration curve of BSA using UV/Vis that can be used to calculate the concentration of unreacted BSA in fiber solution.
  • To update data for the weekly determination of the effect of fibers with tris over time.


BSA Calibration Curve

  • Take UV/Vis of BSA stock solution (17.3 uM) and two dilutions of the stock.
  • Using the BSA peak around 280 nm, create a calibration curve.

Fibers with Tris Over Time

  • Take UV/Vis of the fiber solution with tris synthesized on 01/31/12 and modified on 02/15/12
  • Update data to reflect the changes from this week.


The following graph shows the BSA spectra of our stock solutions and two dilutions. This data was used to create the calibration curve that follows.

BSA spectrum.png

BSA calibration curve.png

The following graph shows the effect of AuNP fibers with tris over time. The second graph is a zoom-in at the wavelength of interest.

Fibers with tris over time.png

Fibers with tris zoom.png


We determined that the liquid in a fiber solution has unreacted gold as well as BSA. The gold UV/Vis peak interferes with the BSA peak at 280nm, therefore, we need a way of determining the amount of gold in solution as well. We plan to use AA Spectroscopy when the instrument is ready.