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Overall Goal

We would like to be able to sort our Notebooks via RSS for compiling on Flavors (or anywhere really). To do this we need:

  • To know how RSS works
  • If OWW has RSS capabilities (I think it does)
  • If we can adapt those capabilities or create our own
  • Test it out

It would be nice to be able to sort our notebooks with RSS via some sort of tagging (maybe categories) and have each feed compile all relevant information regarding those categories. For instance, tagging pages with kinesin or tweezers, then getting a feed of only information regarding one of those categories, and having this appear on our feed collector (maybe OWW for a start or friendfeed).


  • RSSfilter is a PHP program that you can get that allows users to filter feeds.
  • Apparently OWW has installed XFeed but I can't get it to work very well.
  • Feed rinse is another online program similar to Yahoo Pipes.

Site's RSS

  • YouTube has an interesting RSS site. You can search for tags that people place in their movies. For instance, using Xfeed and YouTube's tag search capabilities, you can RSS the tag "kochlab" and get the below RSS feeds.

<xfeeds [titlecolour="#B0C4DE"] [contentcolour="#eeeeee"] [feedlimit="1"] [totallimit="10"]> </xfeeds>

Of course the more badass thing to do would be to have the capability of embedding the RSS movies to the notebook or flavors. I'm sure that it has to do with Xfeed and how Xfeed turns RSS to wiki.

Something to Look into

I wanted to jot this down before I get engrossed in reading all about it and forget to record it later. Here is an interesting find on MediaWiki. It talks about something that outputs to an RSS or Atom feed, but acts like a special page on the wiki like your watchlist. Here is a demo of the extension. According to the MediaWiki page here is what this extension can do:

  • Recent page changes
  • Newest pages
  • Recent changes by user
  • Newest pages by user
  • User watchlist (can be either public or private)
  • Recent changes for articles in a category
  • Newest articles in a category

Upon looking through OWW's special pages, we don't have this functionality, but we could. The examples from that site above (the demo link) look promising and could be exactly what we are looking for. Let me email Bill.

Dynamic page listings

Below is an example for dynamic page listings that Andy Maloney 17:20, 31 March 2010 (EDT) has come up with.