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This person is a practitioner of ONS-ACI. If it isn't in the notebook it isn't being done.

About Me:

Real Name: Anthony Salvagno
From: Beacon, NY
Undergrad: SUNY Albany
Degrees: BS in Physics, BS in Mathematics
Grad: UNM
Degrees: MS in Physics

Web Stuff:
The Randomly Grad Life - my personal blog
My Youtube page
My Scribd stuff
My SlideShare
My friendfeed
My life in real time
Flavors of Kochlab
Shirts by Anthony

My PhD Dissertation

Click the link for my work in graduate school. This will be an ongoing endeavor and stuff will be added as it is completed and written. Hopefully a lot of things from my notebook will occupy this space.

Contact Me

If you are rummaging through my notebook and you have questions about proceedures, protocols, techniques, samples, data, etc. just let me know. There are many ways to get in contact with me and here is how:

  • For OWW users: Click Here
  • For general email:
  • Leave me a voicemail (click below twice):

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Or add me as a contact in your phonebook with this:

Stuff I do

My Notebook

This contains all the research I do at Kochlab. My primary project is to analyze DNA with bound proteins by unzipping DNA. Some of the applications of this are:

  • Shotgun DNA Mapping
  • RNA Transcription
  • Telomere Mapping
  • Tus-Ter protein behavior (coming soon with Cameron Neylon)

The other project I dabble in is working with the molecular motor Kinesin. This is what I do:

  • Transform kinesin from E. coli and purify (coming soon)
  • Analyze kinesin processivity (coming soon)

Everything I do in my notebook is what I'm studying. I update very frequently and try to provide information close to real time. Remember:

Graphic Design

I do a bit of graphic design. The ONS .gif above was made by me using images from Andrew Lang via ONSclaims. I also like to make science figures for the lab (some of which can be seen scattered throughout my notebook or blog (see above)). I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator and trying to delve into Adobe Flash. Here are some things I have done below:

Pages to Watch

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Koch's Contributions
Brian's Contributions