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Design Contest

There is a design contest on Gizmodo to design an etching for an iPad and the winner gets an iPad and their etching. I spent the morning finishing my etching design. I'll link to it later here.
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/RSS Feeds Research

Andy and I met with Jack Zerby of yesterday and we discussed how we would like to use Flavors for open science. We came away with a little side project where we want to do a little research of how RSS Feeds work and report back to Jack.


I talked with Koch about submitting to JoVE. We both agree on several points. I want to think outside the box and submit a paper as a video. The video would discuss all the important things that would go into a normal paper, and I could suplement my video with a text section that can either be a brief summary or discuss other things. I would like to put video segments on the internet in the mean time (ie Youtube and/or BenchFly) but thought this might interfere with the paper submission. Here is what we discussed:

  • the paper would consist of the entire process: tethering construct, making microchannels, tethering DNA, tethered motion vids, unzipping, data acquisition (video of software), and data analysis (again video of software)
  • I could upload each part of the "paper" to BenchFly and the paper would be the compilation of all that.
  • JoVE may not be the best place. PLOS could be great or even Nature Preceedings.

I can't remember all the details now even though this conversation took place like 40 min ago. Hopefully Koch will add some details as he remembers/makes up.