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/Courses To Take

  • There are some courses that I wanna take. They will be listed here...
  • I also listed the courses from NSMS that I have to take. I don't want to take those.

Presentation Next Thurs

The way I see it, I have several options.

  1. Discuss Shotgun DNA mapping
  2. Discuss RNA Pol II unzipping
  3. Discuss them both (briefly)
  4. Talk about Open Science

The talk is 10 minutes long (although everyone goes for at least 20, but I will abstain). I thought about the OS earlier and think its a good idea. Maybe present to my peers why this is the future. I don't mind discussing my research, but I grow weary of presenting the same presentation years apart. I will discuss with Koch and blog about the possibilities, and call on my fellow open scientists for support!

Open Science Hoooooooooooooooo!

Steve Koch 18:41, 7 February 2009 (EST): I like the Open Science idea, but I'm worried that it won't impact anyone. Especially if you "spring" it on them when they're expecting research. Let's think about this... You definitely should mention the Osley work and talk about Pol II and how the ligation methods will open so many doors. We should talk with Larry about whether you should show the alternative splicing stuff.


In coming to this page for further editing, I accidentally clicked my entry for Feb 5 (yesterday). On each notebook page there is supposed to be a previous entry and a next entry button for quick navigation, but on that date there was no next entry. Even though I know I made a Feb 6 entry earlier today. Upon further clicking, it does exist because I write this entry now. I wonder what the deal, yo!