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IGERT regulations say I need 3 more courses:

  • NSMS 512 - Characterization Methods for Nanostructures
  • NSMS 518 - Synthesis of Nanostructures
  • NSMS 510 - Chemistry and Physics at the Nanoscale


The motivation here is to provide me with more of a basis in electronic art than I have now. Maybe I will take some drawing or sculpting classes as well.

  • ARTS 130 - Intro to Electronic Art
    • Introduction to the computer as a medium and fine art tool. Course will explore history, theory and contemporary art issues associated with computer-based art practice, as well as introducing students to basic tools and technologies. {Fall, Spring}
  • ARTS 187, 188, 289 - Photography
    • I really want 289 (Digital Imaging Techniques), but it says prereqs are the other 2 which may not be so bad.
  • ARTS 303 - Intermediate Electronic Art
    • Course emphasizes art-making using evolving computer-based tools. Course draws on current work and theory, combined with classroom critique. Student must have basic understanding of video and digital imaging techniques. {Fall, Spring}
  • ARTS 394 - Computer Generated Imagery and Animation
    • (Also offered as CS 394 and MA 394.) Introduction to story boarding, modeling, rendering, animation and dynamics. Class uses high-level commercial animation software. Course emphasizes both the development of technical skills and the aesthetic aspects of computer imagery.

Digital Media Arts

  • DMA 101 - Intro to Digital Imaging and Scanning
  • DMA 165 - Intro to Digital Media Arts I (Photoshop)
  • DMA 166 - Intro to Digital Media Arts II (Illustrator)
  • DMA 168 - Mulitple Image Graphics
    • Students who have introductory experience in Photoshop concentrate making imagery that requires the use of selection tools, masks, alpha channels, layers and blending modes. Such examples include selective alterations to individual images and multiple-image montage. While photography is the most common source material for these techniques, students are also encouraged to use these Photoshop techniques for digital painting and printmaking.
  • DMA 240 - Audio/Video for the Web
    • This course serves as an introduction to digital video (with audio) and its unique aesthetic criteria. This class' focus is the creation and use of video projects for integration into interactive projects, either for a single participant or for mass Internet presentations, or for the creation of a standalone project.
  • DMA 250 - Web Animation And Interactive Multimedia Design
    • This course will introduce tools for making interactive multi-media projects in combination with animation (moving image). It will focus on design issues relative to non-linear interactive web sites, games, books, training modules, or experimental projects. Basic theories and techniques of Animation will also be covered. These projects will be designed primarily for the World Wide Web, however options will be presented for non-web applications. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: DMA 166.

My Personal Favs

  • ARTS 130, 303, 394
  • DMA 166, 168, 240, 250
  • I would like to take some art class (any kind actually) over the summer. That would be awesome.