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Table of Contents



/Optical Tweezers

/Intro to DNA

/Single Molecule Analysis of DNA

/Shotgun DNA Mapping



Testing Space

It dawned on me that I wanted to have my thesis/dissertation (whatever it is called) online so I can add video, audio, etc. There might be a print version required, which is extremely antiquated, but necessary nonetheless. Anyways I was thinking that in the print version I could have a video thumbnail with a caption that says "Google: xxxxxx" where the x's would be a unique code of letters and numbers. I could then put that code in my notebook and it would appear in google results so people could see it in full glory. I was thinking about using QR codes too, but not everyone has a smart phone and not everyone uses those anyways. I think the search string would be very easy to use.

Here is my test:


I will check in a couple of days to see if that code appears in Google search results. Right now it does not since I searched for the first bunch of letters to pop into my head.


Yay, the test worked after 4 days. I didn't check yesterday, but I checked on Tuesday and it wasn't there yet. But now it is there, so good for that. And I am the only hit. So on pages that I have videos I can just put a unique code for the video and it will come up on Google. I think for those with smartphones I will also include QR codes with a link to the video. <html><img src="" alt="qrcode" /></html>
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