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Contact Info

Alondra Vega

Alondra Vega
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive
MSB 7851
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

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I work in the Dahlquist Lab at Loyola Marymount University. I learned about OpenWetWare from from Dr. Dahlquist, and I've joined to work with Dr. Dahlquist on her research.


  • BS in Biomathematics expected in Spring 2012.
  • Upper Division Courses in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry
  1. Microbiology and Lab
  2. Biochemistry (this semester)
  3. Partial Differential Equations
  4. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  5. Advanced Probability and Statistics (this semester)
  6. Complex Analysis (this semester)
  7. Biomathematics (this semester)

Career Interests and Goals

I am interested in pursuing a Masters Degree in Nursing

Biology and Mathematics

  • My favorite aspect of biology is that it has many branches of learning. It can be seen everywhere and I believe that is the reason why so many people are interested in this subject. It can be broken down to whatever your favorite aspect is and you are guaranteed that there is enough information on that topic to get a PhD.
  • My favorite aspect of mathematics is the problem-solving skills one learns when learning mathematics. Mathematics is also everywhere, it's just not as obvious to many people. Mathematics is a beautiful subject that can solve complex problems in other fields of learning.

The one concern I have about the course is working on a Journal Club. I have worked with them before and from experience I can say that more than 90% of the time I do not understand the material. It is very dense in biology and the vocabulary is hard to understand. I do not feel that I have taken enough upper division biology to understand more than half of the material. I feel the same way as for the mathematically based papers that I have read in the past.

Research interests

  • Mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks in yeast.


Useful links

Bibliography of Journal Club Papers



  1. Paper1 pmid=20175747

// This paper shows great figures for Rho GTPases in the cell wall.

  1. Paper2 pmid=19717745

// This paper gives a good overview of environmental stresses, such as heat shock, along with figures.

  1. Paper3 pmid=19383678

//This paper talks about the small protein HSP12 and how it contributes to cold response in yeast.

  1. Paper4 pmid=16254683

//This paper talks about yeast response at 4°C.

Alondra Vega


Lab Journal

Class Journal Week 1 Shared Journal: Week 5 Shared Journal: Week 9
Class Journal Week 2 Shared Journal: Week 6 Alondra Vega: Week 10 Shared Journal: Week 13
Class Journal Week 3 Alondra Vega: Week 7 Shared Journal: Week 11 Shared Journal: Week 14
Shared Journal: Week 4 Shared Journal: Week 8 Shared Journal: Week 12 Alondra Vega:Week 15

Individual Assignments

Alondra Vega: Week 2 Alondra Vega: Week 6 Alondra Vega: Week 11
Alondra Vega: Week 3 Alondra Vega: Week 7 Alondra Vega: Week 12
Alondra Vega: Week 4 Alondra Vega: Week 8 Alondra Vega: Week 13
Alondra Vega: Week 5 Alondra Vega: Week 9 Alondra Vega: Week 14