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  • Mix DNA with higher concentration of ThT
  • Measure absorbance and fluorescence of DNA/ThT hybrid


Part 1: Mixing thiol-DNA with ThT

1) Mix 200μL of 5μM ThT with 200μL 1.455μM thiol-DNA

  • Note that new concentrations of reactants in solution are 2.5μM ThT and 0.7275μM DNA

2) Place on heat block at ~76°C for 25 minutes

3) Allow solution to cool on heat block until at room temperature

4) Take absorbance and fluorescence measurements

  • AuNP will then be added to this solution

Part 2: Mixing thiol-DNA with MB

Prepare MB (need at least 100μL)

12μL (7.31μM) = x(100μL)

x = 0.8772μM = 877.2nM

mix 100μL with 100μL 727.5nM DNA