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  • Take Abs and Fluorescence measurements of DNA-MB and DNA-ThT prepared on 4/4/13
  • React ethane-thiol with AuNP


Part 1: Preparation of 1mL of 2.98μM ethane thiol

WARNING: ethanethiol is very volatile. Handle under the hood only wearing PPE.

  • original concentration of AuNP = 19.4nM
  • desired concentration of ethanethiol = 19.4nM x(15393) = 298624.2nM = 298μM
  • density of ethanethiol = 0.839g/mL

1) Find the concentration of 0.0125mL pure ethanethiol in 5mL water

0.839g/mL x 0.0125mL = 0.0104875g

0.0104875g/(62.13 g/mol) = 1.68799 x 10-4 mol

1.68799 x 10-4 mol/5mL x (1000mL/1L) = 0.034M = 34mM

340mM (x) = (30mM)(1mL)

x = 0.088mL = 88μL in 912μL H2O

30mM (x) = 3mM (1mL)

x = 100μL in 900μL

3mM(x) = 298μM (1mL)

x = 99μL in 901μL to obtain 298μM ethanethiol

2) Reacting AuNP with ethanethiol

  • react 200μL 298μM ethane thiol with 200μL 19.4nM AuNP (synthesized by Dr. Miller)

Part 2: Measure absorbance/fluorescence of AuNP-MB

Part 3: Measure absorbance/fluorescence of AuNP-ThT


Part 2:

ThiolDNA MB pic UV-Vis.png

UV-Vis Spectrum of thiol-DNA/MB hybrid

ThiolDNA MB pic.png

Fluorescence Spectrum of thiol-DNA/MB hybrid

Part 3:

ThiolDNA ThT pic UV-Vis.png

UV-Vis Spectrum of thiol-DNA/ThT hybrid

ThiolDNA ThT pic.png

Fluorescence Spectrum of thiol-DNA/ThT hybrid