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Prepare hydrogel/liposome mixture


1) Prepare 300 mL 25 mmol tris-HCl buffer (this will be the solution with which the reaction takes place in)

25mmol/L x 1mol/1000mmmol x 1L/1000mL x 300mL x 121.14g/mol = 0.90855g in 300mL water (0.90940g actual)

2) Mix 0.2mL lipid (4mg) with 2 mg hydrogels (1. 0.5g PVOH/3mL buffer/6μL R6G/50mL oil 2. 0.5g PVOH/4mL buffer/35mL oil)

3) Allow to gently stir for 2 hours


  • Add data and results here...


It seems as if the hydrogels have difficulty going back into solution in pure water, however, we have observed that they go into solution slightly more easily when placed in phosphate buffer.