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Preparation of Liposome Main project page
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Prepare Lipid Bilayer


1) Dissolve 100mg transfection reagent in 5mL chloroform

2) Remove 1mL of solution and place in a seperate vial. Allow to evaporate.

3) Once evaporated, add 1mL phosphate buffer to redissolve lipids

4) 3 freeze-thaw-vortex cycles were applied to the solution to create the multilameller vesicles

5) These multilamellar vesicles were then converted to unilamellar vesicles by passing through a nucleopore membrane


methyl violet 0-2

methyl red- 4.4-6.2

bromocresol purple- 5.2-6.8

bromophenol blue 6.0-7.6

cresol red 7.2-8.8

phenolphthalein- 8.3-10.0


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