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-mix hydrogels with liposomes

-Measure amount of indicator absorbed by hydrogels

-observe changes in color of hydrogels based on pH changes


1) Centrifuge sample containing hydrogels and crystal violet indicator 3 times (5 minutes, 13200 rpm)

-Measure the absorbance of each supernatant to find the amount of CV that the hydrogels have absorbed

2) Prepare 2 more hydrogel solutions with the following indicators (these will be used to measure dye leakage as well as to monitor pH changes)

a) methyl red (55μL) in 1.5 mL ethanol w/ 2mg hydrogels

b) bromophenol blue (30μL) in 1.5 mL water w/ 2mg hydrogels


This image shows the absorbance of the stock solution of crystal violet that was originally added to the hydrogels as well as three "leakage" solutions. The hydrogel solution containing CV was centrifuged 3 times to get each successive leakage. From this image we can observe a decreasing absorbance beginning with the stock solution and ending with the third leakage solution. This makes sense as the first supernatant should have the most (if not all) excess CV not absorbed by the hydrogel.


Our next step is to look at a hydrogel solution containing dye under a microscope.