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What to do when you're new


  • New Employee Orientation (in person) - if necessary
    • Obtain Jefferson ID at 1009 Chestnut St. (before orientation)
    • Health Screening by EH&S (before orientation)
  • Description of Duties submitted to Theresa Wilson by PI
  • Complete required courses on MyJeffHub - here
    • To register for Lab Safety Training, click on “Learning” at the top, then click on “Access Learning Here”
    • In the “Find Learning” box, search for “TJU Laboratory Safety Instructor Led Training” and click "go"
    • Choose the course, then click on "Instructor-led" under "Choose your Learning Style"
    • Register for next available class
  • ACUC orientation & training - here
    • Complete an Online RO-4 - enter your campus key as your signature
    • Complete all mandatory AALAS online courses - here
    • Complete an animal user health screening with Jefferson Occupational Health Network (JOHN) - here
    • Email Jake (cezar.lopez at to schedule in-person orientation - copy me on the email
  • Complete CITI training - Here
  • Join Tomlinson Lab Slack- Here
  • Request a Jefferson Box account through IS&T
    • Here - SSO -> Request Something -> Other -> Other Request -> Description: "Requesting a Box account for research"
  • Sign on to Lab Archives
    • Here
    • Let Dr. Tomlinson know to share the notebook "TomlinsonLab" after you have established your account.
  • Download Tomlinson Lab Software
    • FIJI - FIJI Is Just ImageJ for image Analysis
    • Prism - Statistical analysis (through Jefferson)
    • GNU Octave - A scientific programming environment similar to MATLAB
    • FEBio - A suite for finite element analysis in biomechanics
    • Endnote - Citation Manager
    • Biorender - Online tool to create scientific drawings


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