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Recent Highlighted Publications

Toll-like receptor 4 signaling in osteoblasts is required for load-induced bone formation in mice
Rajpar I, Kumar G, Fortina P, Tomlinson RE
iScience. 2023 Feb 28;26(4):106304

The TrkA agonist gambogic amide augments skeletal adaptation to mechanical loading
Fioravanti G, Hua PQ, Tomlinson RE
Bone. 2021 Jun;147:115908

The Role of Nerves in Skeletal Development, Adaptation, and Aging
Tomlinson RE, Christiansen BA, Giannone AA, Genetos DC
Frontiers in Endocrinology. 2020 Sep 23

Local injections of β-NGF accelerates endochondral fracture repair by promoting cartilage to bone conversion
Rivera KO, Russo F, Boileau RM, Tomlinson RE, Miclau T, Marcucio RS, Desai TA, Bahney CS
Scientific Reports. 2020 Dec 17

Fracture repair requires TrkA signaling by skeletal sensory nerves.
Li Z, Meyers CA, Chang L, Lee S, Li Z, Tomlinson RE, Hoke A, Clemens TL, James AW.
Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2019 Oct 22

Naproxen impairs load-induced bone formation, reduces bone toughness, and diminishes woven bone formation following stress fracture in mice.
Park J, Fertala F, Tomlinson RE.
Bone. 2019 Apr 15;124:22-32

NGF-TrkA signaling in sensory nerves is required for skeletal adaptation to mechanical loads in mice.
Tomlinson RE, Li Z, Li Z, Minichiello L, Riddle RC, Venkatesan A, Clemens TL.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2017

NGF-TrkA signaling by sensory nerves coordinates the vascularization and ossification of developing endochondral bone.
Tomlinson RE, Li Z, Zhang Q, Goh BC, Li Z, Thorek DL, Rajbhandari L, Brushart TM, Minichiello L, Zhou F, Venkatesan A, Clemens TL.
Cell Reports. 2016