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Tomlinson Lab Meeting

Tuesday at 3 PM

RIP = Research in Progress // JC = Journal Club

Date Speaker Type Location
5/12/20 Ryan Tomlinson JC Zoom
5/19/20 Nick Ruggiero JC Zoom
5/26/20 Gabby Fioravanti JC Zoom
6/2/20 Sandra Ciuciu JC Zoom
6/9/20 Sam Rajpar JC Zoom
6/16/20 Devin Morrison JC Zoom
6/23/20 Ashkan Sedigh JC Zoom
6/30/20 Ryan Tomlinson JC Zoom
7/7/20 Nick Ruggiero JC Zoom
7/14/20 Gabby Fioravanti JC Zoom
7/21/20 Sandra Ciuciu JC Zoom
7/28/20 Sam Rajpar JC Zoom
8/4/20 Devin Morrison JC Zoom
8/11/20 Ashkan Sedigh JC Zoom

Note: It is your responsibility to switch with someone if you cannot make your scheduled appearance!