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Orthopaedic Surgery Journal Club Schedule

Monday at 4 PM
Curtis 611a
Faculty to BYOB (and share!)

Date Speaker Paper
9/25/23 Ryan Tomlinson Dermal macrophages set pain sensitivity by modulating the amount of tissue NGF through an SNX25-Nrf2 pathway
10/9/23 Dr. Carla Scanzello (Special) T32/P30 JOINT seminar series: "Osteoarthritis as a Chronic Wound: The Role of Toll-like Receptors
10/23/23 Matheus Perez SIRT6 is a key regulator of mitochondrial function in the brain
11/6/23 {Conflict} {Conflict}
11/20/23 {Conflict} {Conflict}
12/4/23 John Collins Krüppel-like factor-4 and Krüppel-like factor-2 are important regulators of joint tissue cells and protect against tissue destruction and inflammation in osteoarthritis
12/18/23 - GIFT EXCHANGE Eirene Choi Decoding the Regulatory Landscape of Ageing in Musculoskeletal Engineered Tissues Using Genome-Wide DNA Methylation and RNASeq
1/1/24 Holiday Holiday
1/15/24 Alexandra Ciuciu Differential bone adaptation to mechanical unloading and reloading in young, old, and osteocyte deficient mice
1/29/24 Olivia Ottone Macrophage-based therapy for intervertebral disc herniation: preclinical proof-of-concept
2/12/24 Carly Smith Immune Response to Persistent Staphyloccocus Aureus Periprosthetic Joint Infection in a Mouse Tibial Implant Model

Note: It is your responsibility to switch with someone if you cannot make your scheduled appearance!

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