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White Board archive

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  1. We could use people to clean out any tubes on their benches and get them back into circulation Kevin Hoff
  2. On that note, don't let the tips you dump out go down the drain. The plumber who came out to unclog the drain in the autoclave room was very unhappy. Tsbayer 14:41, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
    • Or at least clean out the sink once you do (so the plumbers can't pin it on us...). -Jkm 14:43, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
  3. Tonight (Friday, 9/8), make sure you move personal items off the floor (they're coming to clean). Chairs/trashcans/etc. are fine. -Jkm 12:49, 8 September 2006 (EDT)
  4. Chase and Travis chipped out the thawed / refrozen ice from the -20 so it can be closed again. Make sure the door closes, esp if you are the last one in lab at night.
  5. Softball: The Elowitz lab has been informed of the softball challenge. A team is being formed. The Pierce lab has indicated that they would definitely be up for a game if formally challenged (though they'd prefer something other than softball). They also claim that they don't lose athletics competitions.
  6. There are several oligos in the oligo in-box that have been there for a while (> 1month). Come get your primers and let your project proceed!
  8. GROUP MEETING FOR 10/24/06 has been cancelled!-Stephanie
  9. Some recent papers that might be interesting on miRNA constructs and making large-ish RNA in vitro. Tsbayer
  10. A paper on "RNAa" - activation of gene expression w/ dsRNA.
  11. Related news in Science.

Group Meeting food discussion

Post here discussion about your preference, and vote by adding your name below your choice.

I prefer 10am meetings with bagels

1. Chase

I prefer 12pm meetings with catered food

  1. Katie
  2. Leo
  3. Arwen

I don't care either way

  1. Travis
    • Although I like free lunch, I think that working out a good time is more important (ie even if we have to go at noon w/o food - we can bring our own or whatever). A long standing strategy (see the history below) is finding the balance between effort required when you have to get food and the benefits/deliciousness of the food when someone else gets it.
    • Oh yeah - I'm voting against burger continental.
  2. Josh
  3. Andrew
    • I can't recall, but I don't think food was the motivating factor behind our switch to 10:00 am meetings. I'm happy with 10. I like having bagels and what not that will last into the week. If we can find a way to get a bunch of dishes (like our social with the Wang group) that will accommodate everyone, I'll be happy with that too.
  4. Yvonne
    • Either time is fine, and I'm okay with brining my own lunch to a noon meeting. Given the size of our lab, getting catered food is really quite cumbersome and expensive.
  5. Kristy
    • The time doesn't particularly matter to me and we all know I always have my own food.

Some choices

for 12pm meetings Leo has been looking into are below. Feel free to add your choices to the list and inquire.

  1. Saladang (Thai): price as per the menu, 6-8$pp. They can do large trays of the same dish but at the regular price. No delivery.
  2. Saladang Song (Thai): same as above plus fancier combination at ~12$pp
  3. Burger Continental (Mediterranean): greek salad, hummus, chicken kebab, rice, pita, bakhlava at 6$pp. Also "whatever budget you have we can work something out." 12$ delivery
  4. Mahan (Indian): one or two tandoori meat dishes, samosas, naan, salad, rice at ~5$pp. Can deliver.
  5. Shanghai Lilly (Chinese): in negotiation :-)
  6. Margarita's (Mexian): in negotiation :-)
  7. Green Papaya (Thai): in negotiation :-)

A brief history of food at lab meeting

Back in the old days of the Smolke lab, we had group meeting at 12p, no food, and walked uphill both ways (says Chase) in the snow to the conference room. So we started getting food - since any meeting was only 4-6 of us, we got orders for each person. As the lab grew, this job was more and more cumbersome (getting Togo's to make 12-15 sandwiches +/- various things is harder than it sounds). So we wanted to go towards low-key food (like bagels)... but this precipitated a shift in meeting time (to 10am, which at the time seemed to work for more people). Why not pizza or some easy lunch staple? There was a consensus that we would get sick of pizza every week. And that's where we stand today.