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General Group Meeting Schedule

Date Research Presentation Food
7-Apr Leo Stephanie
24-Apr Felix Lam (postdoctoral candidate)
5-May Win Midori
20-May Arwen Andrew
27-May Katie Kristy
4-June Deborah Kevin
19-June iGEM presentation
23-June Stephanie Yvonne
7-Jul Christina SOL
14-Jul Kristy Leo
22-Jul (9:30 am) Chase Jay
28-Jul Josh Katie
4-Aug Yvonne Michael
12-Aug Robert
20-Aug Victoria/Doug/Allen
26-Aug Joe Arwen
4-Sep (9:30 am) Midori Joe
11-Sep (9:30 am) Andrew Win
15-Sep (10 am) Kevin Josh
29-Sep (10 am) Jay Chase
14-Oct (10:30 am) Fei
27-Oct (11 am) Michael
11-Nov (1:00 pm) lab meeting (move)
2-Dec (4:00 pm) Drew Christina

Note: Missing dates and Tuesday meetings are intentional to accommodate Christina's travel schedule

How It Works

Unless indicated group meeting is at 10:00 am in room 113 Spalding. Research presentations should be on the order of 45-60 minutes. It is the responsibility of the research presenter to obtain the projector from Laura's office (Spalding 224) prior to the start of the meeting. Food is the choice of the member assigned for a particular day but should be 'breakfast type' food such as bagels, donuts, pastries, etc. Note, that the initial SOL ('state of the lab') address will be given by the PI to kick off the research year.