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Move timeline:

  • Moving company packing January 6-7
  • Truck loading Caltech January 8
  • Truck unloading Stanford January 9 (lab members be at Stanford to help unpacking and set up)

Lab packing date(s)

  • I'm out of town 12/19-12/28 (Josh)
  • We're moving to Menlo Park on 12/19 (Arwen)
  • I'm out of town 12/22-1/5 and moving to Stanford in the few days after. (Jay)
  • Trying to move in between 12/25-12/31 or 1/7-1/11. Regardless of when I move in, I plan on being in LA that first week of January --A-Train 18:31, 3 December 2008 (EST)
  • I'm out of town 12/23/08- 01/01/09...and plan to be at Stanford for 01/01/09. --Andrew Kennedy 20:25, 3 December 2008 (EST)
  • I'm out of town 12/23-1/6. Don't know yet when I'm moving to Stanford. (Leo)
  • I'm flexible. (Joe)
  • I will be leaving for Stanford on 1/5; will be in lab until 1/4. (Yvonne)

Equipment responsibilities/status

Clean / Decontaminate

Can be done early

  • LC-MS - Mike
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Chemostat water bath - Josh
  • MC1 (Refrigerated centrifuge on Josh's bench) - Josh
  • E1 (Small PCR block near Joe's bench) - Josh
  • qRT-PCR instrument - Joe (I will ask around to get an idea when to pack up this)
  • FX imager - Joe (I will ask around to get an idea when to pack up this)
  • Bunsen burner, aspirator flask/stopper, squeeze bottle, tube racks, PCR racks, centrifuge tube adapter, stir rods - Joe (I've been collecting them from people's bench into a box so it's easier to find)

Wait until the end

  • Quanta - Yvonne (by "end" I mean 1/4 at the latest)
  • MC2 (by Joe's bench) - Yvonne
  • MC3 (by TC room) - Yvonne
  • I3, I4 (new CO2 incubators) - Yvonne
  • light microscope - Yvonne
  • fluorescent microscope - Yvonne
  • TC room water bath - Yvonne


  • microcentrifuges (MC4 - ; MC5 - ; MC6 - ; MC7 - )
  • pcr machines (E2 - ; D3 - )
  • vacufuge
  • large centrifuge
  • radiation area / equipment
  • tecan safire
  • CE-LIF
  • spectrophotometer
  • gel imager
  • nanodrop
  • gel boxes, power supplies, combs, etc
  • stir / hot plates
  • ph meters
  • scales
  • water baths
  • dry heat blocks
  • shakers (S30 - ; S37 - )
  • open shaker
  • incubators (I30 - ; I37 - )
  • CO2 incubators (I1 - ; I2 -)


  • To minimize a last minute overload on dirty glassware, start going through your solutions and getting rid of stuff that you know you or someone else will not use before the move so that the glassware can be washed throughout the month.
  • Only take solutions that are important / difficult to remake (stock solutions, RNase free, etc); all others throw away before move.
  • Make sure all of your stuff in the fridge and freezers are in sealed, labeled boxes; no loose items as stuff will be turned on end.
  • Make sure you get rid of all stuff that you do not need in the fridges and freezers; consolidate your stuff as we will not be able to plug in all of our freezers in the truck.
  • Go through your drawers and throw away stuff you don't need, or put into general stock if will be shipped, or pack in own personal box; the lab should be completely cleaned out when we leave.