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NTBEL Lab Sources Scheduler

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Neuro Nanotechnologies and Brain Biotransport

Photosensitive nanovesicles

  • Support: NSF
  • Relevant Publication:

1. Li, X., Che, Z., Price, T. and Qin Z. Ultrafast Near-Infrared Light-triggered Intracellular Uncaging to Probe Cell Signaling. Advanced Functional Materials, (2016)

2. Randrianalisoa, J., Li, X., Serre, M. and Qin Z., Understanding the Collective Optical Properties of Complex Plasmonic Vesicles. Advanced Optical Materials. (2017)

3. Xiuying Li, Peiyuan Kang, Zhuo Chen, Sneha Lal, Li Zhang, Jeremiah J. Gassensmithbd and Zhenpeng Qin* Rock the nucleus: significantly enhanced nuclear membrane permeability and gene transfection by plasmonic nanobubble induced nanomechanical transduction, Chemical Communications. (2018)

4. Karim, M.R., Li, X., Kang, P., Randrianalisoa, J., Qin, Z.* and Qian, D.*, Ultrafast Pulsed Laser Induced Nanocrystal Transformation in Colloidal Plasmonic Vesicles. Advanced Optical Materials. 1800726 (2018)

Molecular Hyperthermia

  • Support: UT Dallas
  • Relevant Publication:

1. Kang, P., Chen, Z., Nielsen, S.O., Hoyt, K., D’Arcy, S., Gassensmith, J. and Qin Z. Molecular Hyperthermia: Spatiotemporal Protein Unfolding and Inactivation by Nanosecond Plasmonic Heating. Small. 1700841. (2017)

Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Support: CPRIT
  • Relevant Publication: coming

Point-of-care diagnosis for infectious diseases

  • Support: NIH
  • Relevant Publication:

1. Godakhindi, V.S. *, Kang, P. *, Serre, M. *, Revuru, N.A., Roner, M., Kahn, J., Randrianalisoa, J. and Qin Z. Tuning the gold nanoparticle colorimetric assay by nanoparticle size, concentration, and size combinations for oligonucleotide detection. ACS Sensors. 2017 (* co-first authors)

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