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We are always looking for highly motivated and innovative graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join our research group. Please check out our current research interests and recent publications before contacting Dr. Qin. We will follow up with interested applicants and will not be able to respond to emails addressed to a general audience.

Hiring Now

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Associate Positions in Infectious Disease Diagnostics

The Nano-Bioengineering Laboratory at University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is looking for highly motivated PhD candidates and postdoctoral associates to join our dynamic and fast-growing lab. Our interdisciplinary research focus is on developing nanotechnology-based approaches to better understand the brain and revolutionizing point-of-care infectious disease diagnosis. Recent efforts have led to new enabling tools for optical manipulation and molecular release in the brain, and innovative diagnostic methods. Our work is externally funded by federal and state agencies (NSF, NIH, CDMRP and CPRIT) and non-profit organizations (American Heart Association). Our lab closely works with active researchers both at UT Dallas and other institutes including from UT Southwestern Medical Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Yale University. Candidates will have ample opportunities to work with collaborators to acquire and develop new skills.

Several positions in the interdisciplinary area of infectious disease diagnosis is available immediately. We seek applicants with a strong background in engineering, biology, chemistry, or related fields. Particularly, candidates are expected to have experience in in vitro or in vivo diagnosis, nanomaterials development, microfabrication, state of the art imaging technology, optical engineering, and digital signal processing, etc. A combination of these skills is useful but not required. Ideal candidates should be able to work in a collaborative environment, lead projects, learn new skills, communicate effectively, and accommodate some local or domestic travel for collaborative studies if necessary.

We seek graduate students and postdoctoral associates to work on a collaborative project with Dr. Jeffrey Kahn at UT Southwestern. This project involves engineering novel diagnostic methods based on plasmonic nanomaterials and optics, and improving current point-of-care diagnostic tests for respiratory infectious diseases diagnosis. We are looking for postdoctoral candidates who have a strong background in single-molecule-level diagnosis, microfluidic based detection, digital assays, and high-throughput data analysis and are willing to work with a collaborative team of nanomaterial scientists and diagnostic engineers. This project will be supported by NIH and DOD. Candidates are invited to apply at: https://jobs.utdallas.edu/postings/14624

Interested candidates should send a cover letter indicating your interest, CV, top 3 publications and references to in PDF format to Dr. Qin (Zhenpeng.Qin@utdallas.edu). Successful applicants will be offered with competitive salary and benefits. These positions are open immediately and we are interviewing candidates on a rolling basis.

Other oppotunities

Postdoctoral Researchers

For post-doctoral researchers interested in other areas in our lab, please send a cover letter, CV, top 3 publications and references to Dr. Qin (Zhenpeng.Qin@utdallas.edu). Candidates are strongly advised to read about our research interests, state their strengths, and propose innovative and disruptive ideas in our areas of interest.

PhD Students

We expect to recruit 1~2 PhD students every academic year depending on funding situation. Potential graduate students should apply to Department of Mechanical Engineering or Department of Bioengineering or appropriate programs at The University of Texas at Dallas.

If you have not applied, please apply to appropriate programs and receive admission.

If you have already applied and received admission, please send Dr. Qin a cover letter, CV and reference contacts in PDF format, and clearly indicate your interest on specific areas of the our research. I will follow up with you for a discussion if there is a mutual interest and match.

Graduate student candidates are encouraged to apply for the Graduate Fellowship at UT Dallas.

Master Students

We welcome highly motivated master students and prefer to work with students that have already been admitted to UT Dallas. We typically ask master students to take one semester of graduate classes and determine the feasibility of a research project depending on the academic performance.

If you have not been admitted to the master program at UT Dallas, please apply and get admitted.

If you get admitted and enrolled in UT Dallas, please wait for one semester and contact Dr. Qin with your UT Dallas transcript along with your cover letter, CV, and reference contacts in PDF format.

We don't have research assistant (RA) positions for master students.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student with an outstanding academic performance at UT Dallas, please send Dr. Qin an email with your resume and interest in participating research activities.

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