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1.Xiaoqing Li,# Vamsidhara Vemireddy,# Qi Cai,# Hejian Xiong, Peiyuan Kang, Xiuying Li, Monica Giannotta, Heather Hayenga, Edward Pan, Shashank Sirsi, Celine Mateo, David Kleinfeld, Chris Greene, Matthew Campbell, Elisabetta Dejana, Robert Bachoo,* Zhenpeng Qin*
Modulating the Blood-Brain Barrier by Light Stimulation of Molecular-Targeted Nanoparticles, bioRxiv. (2021)

BBB xq.jpg

2.Yaning Liu,# Haihang Ye,# HoangDinh Huynh, Peiyuan Kang, Chen Xie, Jeffrey S. Kahn, Zhenpeng Qin*
Single-Particle Counting Based on Digital Plasmonic Nanobubble Detection for Rapid and Ultrasensitive Diagnostics, medRxiv. (2021)


Journal Articles

25.Xiuying Li, Hejian Xiong, Nicholas Rommelfanger, Xueqi Xu, Jonghae Youn, Paul A. Slesinger, Guosong Hong*, Zhenpeng Qin*
Nanotransducers for wireless neuromodulation, Matter. (2021)

Xl neuromodulation.jpg

24.Yilin Liu, Li Zhan, Zhenpeng Qin, James Sackrison, and John C. Bischof*
Ultrasensitive and Highly Specific Lateral Flow Assays for Point-of-Care Diagnosis, ACS Nano. (2021)

LFA-ACS review TOC.jpeg

23.Peiyuan Kang,# Chen Xie,# Oumar Fall, Jaona Randrianalisoa, Zhenpeng Qin*
Computational investigation of protein photoinactivation by molecular hyperthermia, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. (2021)


22.Haihang Ye, Yaning Liu, Li Zhan, Yilin Liu, Zhenpeng Qin*
Signal amplification and quantification on lateral flow assays by laser excitation of plasmonic nanomaterials, Theranostics. (2020)

Haihang Thera paper.png

21.Hejian Xiong, Xiuying Li,* Peiyuan Kang, John Perish, Frederik Neuhaus, Jonathan Ploski, Sven Kroener, Maria O. Ogunyankin, Jeong Eun Shin, Joseph A. Zasadzinski, Hui Wang, Paul Slesinger, Andreas Zumbuehl, Zhenpeng Qin*
Near-infrared Light Triggered-release in Deep Brain Regions Using Ultra-photosensitive Nanovesicles, Angewandte Chemie International Edition. (2020)

Xiong nV paper.jpg

20.Peiyuan Kang, Xiaoqing Li, Yaning Liu, Stephanie I. Shiers, Hejian Xiong, Monica Giannotta, Elisabetta Dejana, Theodore John Price, Jaona Randrianalisoa, Steven O. Nielsen, and Zhenpeng Qin* Transient Photoinactivation of Cell Membrane Protein Activity without Genetic Modification by Molecular Hyperthermia, ACS Nano. (2019)

Mh Alvin.PNG

19.Daipayan Sarkar,# Peiyuan Kang,# Steven O. Nielsen, Zhenpeng Qin* Non-Arrhenius Reaction-Diffusion Kinetics for Protein Inactivation over a Large Temperature Range, ACS Nano. (2019)

Nn-2019-00068t 0007.jpeg

18.Candace E. Benjamin, Zhuo Chen, Peiyuan Kang, Blake A. Wilson, Na Li, Steven O. Nielsen, Zhenpeng Qin*, and Jeremiah J. Gassensmith* Site Selective Nucleation and Size Control of Gold Nanoparticle Photothermal Antennae on the Pore Structures of a Virus, Journal of the American Chemical Society. (2018)

Site selective JACKs.jpg

17.Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Xiuying Li, Peiyuan Kang, Jaona Randrianalisoa, Dineli Ranathunga, Steven Nielsen, Zhenpeng Qin*, Dong Qian* Ultrafast Pulsed Laser Induced Nanocrystal Transformation in Colloidal Plasmonic Vesicles, Advanced Optical Materials. (2018)

Adv. opt. materials.jpg

16. Xiuying Li, Peiyuan Kang, Zhuo Chen, Sneha Lal, Li Zhang, Jeremiah J. Gassensmithbd and Zhenpeng Qin* Rock the nucleus: significantly enhanced nuclear membrane permeability and gene transfection by plasmonic nanobubble induced nanomechanical transduction, Chemical Communications. (2018)

TOC revised.jpg

15. Godakhindi, V.S.,# Kang, P.,# Serre, M. #, Revuru, N.A., Roner, M., Kahn, J., Randrianalisoa, J. and Qin Z.* Tuning the gold nanoparticle colorimetric assay by nanoparticle size, concentration, and size combinations for oligonucleotide detection. ACS Sensors. 2017 (* co-first authors)


14. Randrianalisoa, J., Li, X., Serre, M. and Qin Z., Understanding the Collective Optical Properties of Complex Plasmonic Vesicles. Advanced Optical Materials. (2017)


13. Kanav, K., Hagedorn, M., Qin, Z. & Bischof, J.C. Gold Nanorod Induced Warming of Embryos from the Cryogenic State Enhances Viability. ACS Nano. (2017)


12. Kang, P., Chen, Z., Nielsen, S.O., Hoyt, K., D’Arcy, S., Gassensmith, J. and Qin Z. Molecular Hyperthermia: Spatiotemporal Protein Unfolding and Inactivation by Nanosecond Plasmonic Heating. Small. 1700841. (2017)


11. Li, X., Che, Z., Price, T. and Qin Z. Ultrafast Near-Infrared Light-triggered Intracellular Uncaging to Probe Cell Signaling. Advanced Functional Materials, (2016)


10. Wang, Y., Qin, Z., Boulware, D.R., González, I.J., Bell, D., Chan, W.C.W., Chiodini, P., Rees-Channer, R. & Bischof, J.C. A Thermal Contrast Amplification Reader Yielding 8-fold Analytical Improvement for Disease Detection with Lateral Flow Assays. Analytical Chemistry. (2016)


9. Qin, Z., Wang, Y., Randrianalisoa, J., Raeesi, V., Chan, W.C.W., Lipiński, W. & Bischof, J.C. Quantitative Comparison of Photothermal Conversion between Gold Nanospheres and Nanorods. Scientific Reports, 6, 29836; doi: 10.1038/srep29836 (2016)


8. Qin, Z., Balasubramanian, S. K., Wolkers, W. F., Pearce, J. A. & Bischof, J. C. Correlated Parameter Fit of Arrhenius Model for Thermal Denaturation of Proteins and Cells. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, (2014).


7. Boulware, D. R., Rolfes, M. A., Rajasingham, R., von Hohenberg, M., Qin, Z., Taseera, K., Schutz, C., Kwizera, R., Butler, E. K., Meintjes, G., Muzoora, C., Bischof, J. C. & Meya, D. B. Multisite Validation of Point-of-Care Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay and Quantification by Laser Thermal Contrast Measurement, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 20(1), 45-53 (2014).

Pub.2014. EID.jpg

6. Jiang, C., Qin, Z. & Bischof, J. C. Membrane-Targeting Approaches for Enhanced Cancer Cell Destruction with Irreversible Electroporation, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 42(1), 193-204 (2014).


5. Qin, Z., Jiang, J., Long, G. & Bischof, J. C. Irreversible Electroporation: An in vivo Study With Dorsal Skin Fold Chamber, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 41(3), 619-29 (2013).


4. Qin, Z., Chan, W. C. W., Boulware, D. R., Akkin, T., Butler, E. K. & Bischof, J. C. Significantly Improved Analytical Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Immunoassays by Using Thermal Contrast. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 51, 4358–61 (2012).


3. Qin, Z. & Bischof, J. C. Thermophysical and Biological Responses of Gold Nanoparticle Laser Heating, Chemical Society Review, 41, 1191-217 (2012).


2. Qin, Z., Zhe, J. & Wang, G. X. Effects of Particle’s Off-Axis Position, Shape, Orientation and Entry Position on Resistance Changes of Micro Coulter Counting Devices, Measurement Science and Technology 22, 045804 (2011).


1. Wang, Y. S., Qin, Z. & Wang, G. X. Instability Analysis of Gas-Liquid Interface Associate with Annular Flow in Horizontal Micro Tubes. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics (in Chinese) 29(4), 625-7 (2008).


Book Chapters

  1. Z. Qin & Bischof, J. C. Application of Gold Nanoparticle in Laser Thermal Therapy, Physics of Thermal Therapy, CRC Press (New York, NY), 319-337 (2012).


  1. Bischof, J. C., Qin, Z., Chan, W. C. W. & Akkin, T. Thermal Contrast Assay and Reader, World Wide Patent (US, China, Korea, ARIPO, OAPI, Brazil etc), 2013.

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