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Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Scholar

Hejian Xiong, Postdoc associate

Daipayan Sarkar

Graduate Students

Peiyuan Kang

Xiaoqing Li

Varsha Godakhindi

Yaning Liu

Undergraduate and High School Students


Xiuying Li

Postdoc fellow

Joana Randrianalisoa

NTBEL Fidy.jpg

Visiting scholar
Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Maud Serre

Visiting MS student

Jonathan Ji

High school, summer 2016

Wenyao Li

High school, summer 2016

Jason Tan

High school, summer 2016

NTBEL Sanghun.jpg

Sanghun Lee

MS student
Email: sxl149730@utdallas.edu

B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Interests:

POC diagnostic, microfluidics


Aravind Revuru

MS student
Email: rxn141530@utdallas.edu
B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, India (2013)
MS, Mechanical Engineering, UT Dallas (2016)
Research Interests:

Nanomaterials, Composites, Microfluidics

Oumar Photo.png

Oumar Fall

Visiting MS student
Thermal science and Energy engineering at ESI Reims
Email: oxf150130@utdallas.edu

B.S.,Thermal science and energy engineering, Graduate school of Engineering Reims Champagne Ardenne University, France (2014)
B.S., Physics, Reims Champagne Ardenne University, France (2013)
Research Interests:

Thermal response of nanoparticle laser heating and the effect of nanoparticle heating on the surrounding proteins, magnetic drug delivery for cancer treatment
Current position:
Assistant Chef de Projet déploiement, Group PSA


Baileigh Darnell

MS student
Email: bxd141430@utdallas.edu

B.S.,Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma (2014)
Research Interests:

Drug delivery, Plasmonics, Nanomaterials, Optics


Jesse Zou

Jesse was a high school student participating the CAST STEM Bridge program with us during the summer 2015. He was working with Peiyuan and Aravind on the point-of-care testing project. Jesse won the Second Prize in CAST STAR (Science Tech Academic Research) Awards.
Research Project:

New point-of-care testing.

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