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Nanodrop Spectrophotometer


  • Rainin P10 (serial # U637036)
  • Rainin P2 (serial # X68140A)


  • SysBio people: should have access to the computer and software. If not, they either don't have an ecommons account yet, or their ecommons account has not yet been added to the SysBio group list. Talk to Erin Howard or Mason Miranda.
  • Non SysBio people: if they have an ecommons account they can be added to the list of 'collaborators' maintained by Per and Mason.

Here's how (a reminder for Per):
1. Login to ecommons (at any computer)
2. Choose the <Research> tab located below the username near the top of the page
3. In <Applications> child-window choose <Online storage> link
4. At top left of page, select <My Collaborations>
5. Select <PAULSSON NanoDrop> folder
6. Select <Members List>
7. Search using the last name of the user to be added

Folders and files can also be added to the collaboration folder (e.g. NanoDrop manual, guide for new users)

Desktop icon for everyone

The Nanodrop program file must stay in the same place on the C drive. Don't touch it!
Every user's shortcut points here, so moving the program file is a disaster for everyone.

Everyone (even virgin users) should have a shortcut to the program file on their personal desktop because a shortcut has been placed here:
C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Desktop

The program file can also be accessed through the Start\All Programs tab thanks to another shortcut placed in:
C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs

Measuring S. pombe cultures

Measuring E. coli cultures

It seems that using more than the minimal 2ul can be important for obtaining reliable measurements. 3ul works consistently.

  • OD600 = 0.1 is equivalent to approximately 5 x 10(8) cells/ml

Determined at one dilution with MC1061 by counting cells with hemacytometer: OD600 of 0.1 = 4 x 10(8) cells/ml (12/11/06, Per M.)
Determined at one dilution with XL1-BLue by plating cells: OD600 of 0.1 = 5.9 x 10(8) cells/ml (12/19/06, Per M.)

  • OD600 measurement linear between values of 0.005 and 0.35


Thankfully, none yet. Service contract paid for by the department.