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Ordering stuff we don't have

  • email Per a detailed description of what you want (Item, Company, Catalog #, estimated cost)
  • when Per's not around, email your requests to
    • include the following information: vendor / catalog# / Description / estimated price / quantity / unit of measure / user ("all lab" or your name) / lab (Paulsson)
    • OR for many items from a single company, send a screen-shot of a shopping cart
  • April 2009: New purchases no longer entered into FROS database. To search what we've bought in the past, email James... or get access to ____ through HCOM.
  • Ordering ethanol: VWR will supply and deliver ethanol to the labs starting Monday, November 1, 2010. The current number to call to order ethanol, 617-432-2298, will automatically call forward to the Harvard Longwood Lab Supply Center’s phone number 617-432-1914. Please let Jane Garfield know if you experience any difficulties during this transition.

By Class


DNA reagents
Fluorescent proteins


MicroPulser Electroporation Apparatus (Bio-Rad) manual - Bench #7

By location

Deli Fridge

Antibiotics (Ampicillin, sodium salt; novobiocin; anhydrous tetracycline (inducer); G418)
Chemicals, 4°C (salmon sperm DNA
Qiagen P1 buffer, ECL reagents, glutathione sepharose Solid media

Common bench freezer

Lab Plasmids

Bench #2 freezer

Restriction enzymes
DNA modifying reagents
Chemicals, -20°C (IPTG [1])

Bench #3 fridge

Bench #4 fridge

Bench #5 freezer

Deep freeze (-80°C)



Competent Cells

  • Can be found in a box labeled Competent Cells the 2nd shelf, first rack of -80

Please notify if our supply is low (less than ~10 tubes left)
Electroporation competent E.coli prepared by Silvia
Electroporation competent MC1061
Electroporation competent DH5-alpha
Electroporation competent XL1-Blue
Electroporation competent TOP10


  • Abil EM90 (surfactant)

ample free sample (one pint) acquired from company (cosmetic)
Amy Caudill: 804-452-5616