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OpenWetWare Survey Results

OWW Survey Results 2 1.png


  • we seem to have a problem with the survey ... as only one person has ticked 'Other'. 28% 'Other' seems wrong.

OWW Survey Results 2 2.png


  • Most people are using basic systems (search box, search engine, browsing) to access/track info.

OWW Survey Results 2 3.png


  • A large proportion of people don't know how to follow the activity on OWW. Most popular technique is related to the 'Recent Changes' page.

OWW Survey Results 2 4.png


  • Over 50% don't find it easy to search on OWW

OWW Survey Results 2 5.png


  • Nearly 50% are still a bit shy about editing other people's pages.

OWW Survey Results 2 6.png


  • OWW users seem happy with the collaborative touch offered by OWW.

additional comments left by OWW users in this section:

  • ...

Full Results for this section: CVS File