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OpenWetWare Survey Results

OWW Survey Results 1 1.png


  • A large majority was already registered (80%)
  • 44% participation from long term users (>1 year)

OWW Survey Results 1 2.png


  • OWW community is truly diverse
  • 'Other' comprises: Chemistry, Information Technology

OWW Survey Results 1 3.png


  • Large majority is very familiar with Wiki-style editing
  • Still, 30% would need further support.

OWW Survey Results 1 4.png


  • Majority of 'independent' people (no OWW lab, or OWW involvement)
  • we did not manage to reach students taking class on OWW.
  • It seems that only 4 SC members took the survey.

OWW Survey Results 1 5.png


  • others: community pages, BioSysBio-2007 abstract

OWW Survey Results 1 6.png


  • Big proportion of people having access to private wiki.

OWW Survey Results 1 7.png


  • Other communities: iGEM, Open Notebook Science Community,,, Linux, Unix, Windows.

additional comments left by OWW users in this section:

  • I didn\'t understand what you meant by private/public - is that a wiki were you have to register to edit versus no registration required for editing?

    What do you define as Open Science community? Also couldn\'t answer that question.
  • I am looking to enter the field of biological sciences, medicine and synthetic biology and would like to hear from different members of the community the best route towards this goal?
  • Not really, stumbled upon an Endy lecture - bring me a beer.

Full Results for this section: CVS File