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OpenWetWare Survey Results

Back in mid-2007, the OWW Steering Committee (SC) decided that OpenWetWare would benefit from knowing more its users, and their expectations. From there, the outreach officers started to draft an online survey. The survey was designed to touch on 4 different areas:

  • Tell us about you: to learn about the background of OWW users.
  • OWW as an information provider: to learn more on how OWW performs as an information/resource provider.
  • OWW as a community builder: to check if the collaborative aspect of the OWW wiki is working
  • OWW as an Open Science publisher: to identify if OWW was helping to challenge the current scientific pushing system.

Thanks to the SC feedbacks, the survey was up and running by September 2007, using Wufoo. Here is the link to the OWW survey

After 6 months, we only managed to get 26 entries.

You will find here an overview of the results. With 26 entries it is difficult to define any real trends, but it is a good start. I guess we should think how we could advertise better such a survey in the future.

OWW Survey Logo