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Software Milestones for for December, 2007

Committed Priority Items (ordered list)

  • Lab Notebook and Semantic Wiki (SMW)
    • Details: Lab Notebooks and Semantic MediaWiki
    • evaluation for use as a general ontology aggregation component
    • lab notebook will tentatively use SMW
    • performance analysis testing is needed (will it slow down all of OWW?)
    • I need to submit a few bugfixes I had to make to developers
  • MediaWiki 1.11
  • Non-MediaWiki Document Creation and Editing
    • Details: Word Import and FCKEDIT
    • deploy on beta this month
    • deploy on private wikis as time permits
    • concerns with Word doc import
      • Open to the community for limited test. Let the people decide.

Research Items

  • GBrowse Integration
    • Install GBrowse (Gemome Browse) on OWW server
    • Design/Plan a way to use GBrowse from within OWW
    • beta deployment of integration later this month
    • Possible interaction with Distributed Annotation Service (DAS) clients/servers
    • Work with Tom Knight to determine how it will best work
  • IGEM Support
    • Assess how IGEM can use OWW's infrastructure
    • Users, Labs, Institutions entity management
  • Others (low priority)
    • email to wiki
    • cleanup of user name/email address relationships
    • possibly deploy Semantic Wiki forms for other apps
    • simplify adding new blogs
    • fix "add new private wiki" script
    • Biblio: test and deploy new version
    • evaluate "talk page" options including "Liquid Threads"

Extensions of Note