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  Pre-publication Preprint Publication Post-publication
Discussions Science 2.0/Brainstorming Science 2.0
Lab notebooks IGEM:IMPERIAL/2006 "Engineering a molecular predation oscillator" in IET Synthetic Biology
Labs & people Kafatos:Research
Fotis C. Kafatos
Protocols DNA ligation DSpace "Directional Cloning into Plasmid Vectors"
in Molecular Cloning (subscription only)
Talk:DNA ligation,
Protocol Online Bioforum
Databases BioNumbers,
Yeast Pheromone Model wiki
DSpace NCBI,
RCSB Protein Data Bank
E. coli genotypes,
Courses 20.109: Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering "20.109" on MIT OpenCourseWare
Articles OpenWetWare:PLoS community page (insert dspace/nature link to PLoS preprint),
Nature Precedings
(insert link to PLoS Biology article) in PLoS Biology,
OpenWetWare_talk:PLoS community page,,
PLoS ONE commentary