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Sharps standard operating procedure

Types of waste

  • Anything sharp including pipets, pipet tips, needles and razor blades. It's okay if these items are contaminated with biologicals since the contents of the sharps containers are incinerated.
  • You can also dispose of sharps in the red plastic sharps containers. When this container is full, place it in the gray sharp containers.
  • Sharps contaminated with chemicals should go in a separate container and be disposed of as chemical waste.


Place in labeled grey sharps container bins (one in 32-306 and 32-322). For those areas not near the large sharps containers, small plastic sharps containers are used. These can be closed and deposited directly in the large grey sharps container bins.

When the container is full

Use a plastic tie to lock the container shut and place it in the 3D lobby (where the elevators are) on Wednesday evening for pickup Thursday morning. Email and request a pickup giving them the lab name and the location of the waste container. Since we are not a regular stop for them, it may take a couple of emails before they pick up the full sharps container and deliver an empty one.