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CSAIL logo
Knight Lab

Here's a list of stuff to be done around the lab ...

Facilities to do list

  1. Put shelves above the ice machine and centrifuge for storage of ice buckets and centrifuge accessories.
  2. Get rid of unused microscopes and optics tables from 316.
  3. Set up a general use computer (for email checking etc.).
  4. Get a better refrigerator for storing gel supplies.
  5. Get rid of synthesizer?
  6. Decide whether to fix/get rid of sequencer?
  7. Order akrobins.
    • Gave order to Tom.
  8. Install real benches with cabinets underneath and shelves above in 316. Two benches against the walls and two benches in between.
  9. Move 4 gel stations (pouring, running, cutting and imaging) along long wall with shelves above?
  10. Find a workbench for gel running?

Maintenance to do list

  1. Defrost old -80°C freezer and reorganize boxes.

Organizational to do list

  1. Move microscope, UV box and gel imager to the back of 316.
  2. Add a shelf to the metroshelves outside 306.
  3. Move HPLC stuff into 316.