Knight:Level I checklist

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Knight Lab

PI: Tom Knight
EHS Representative: Reshma Shetty

Answer yes, no or N/A to all questions

Environmental: Hazardous Waste: Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAA)

  1. Is all hazardous waste stored in the satellite accumulation area (SAA)?
  2. Are the satellite accumulation areas (SAAs) clearly labeled?
  3. Are the SAAs located at or near the point of hazardous waste generation and under the control of a responsible person (PI and/or the person generating the waste)?
  4. Are the hazardous waste containers in the SAAs in good condition?
  5. Are all hazardous waste containers in the SAA provided with secondary containment?
  6. Is each secondary containment in the SAA intact?
  7. Are the hazardous waste containers in the SAA properly labeled?
  8. Are all full hazardous waste containers in the SAA dated?
  9. Are the dates of all hazardous waste containers in the SAA less than 4 days?
  10. Is there only one hazardous waste container per waste stream in the SAA?
  11. Are the hazardous waste containers in the SAA firmly CLOSED except when waste is being added?


  1. Are aisles and exit doors clear and accessible?
  2. Are emergency showers, fire extinguishers, spill kits and other emergency equipment accessible?
  3. Are eyewashes checked routinely (weekly) or are eyewash bottles within expiration date?
  4. Are occupants wearing safety glasses, lab coats, or appropriate gloves/PPE while working with potentially hazardous materials?
  5. Is there any evidence of eating or drinking in the laboratory?

Industrial Hygiene

  1. Is the bottom slot of the chemical fume hood unobstructed?
  2. Is work within the chemical fume hood done at least 6 inches from the front of the hood?


  1. Are bags of solid biological waste (petri dishes, gloves, Falcon tubes, etc.) in appropriate biohazardous waste collection containers ?
  2. Are full clear bags of solid biological waste properly identified as biological waste?
  3. Have full bags of solid biological waste been autoclaved and have autoclave tags been attached to the bags?

Hazardous Materials Storage

  1. Are gas cylinders secured (chained)?
  2. If chemicals are stored on the floor, are they within secondary containers?
  3. Are containers for holding or dispensing hazardous chemicals or materials adequately labeled?