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We had our Level II inspection on 12/8/2005. This is an inspection conducted by MIT's EHS to help prepare labs for outside inspections which will happen in the spring.

We passed (much to Austin's surprise ... how little faith he has in his EHS representative :) ).


The update was performed on 12/29/2005 at 12:01 by Kathleen Gilbert ( KGILBERT ) .

Level II Inspection Report for TK Biolabs

To: Thomas Knight
CC: Lissa Natkin, Kathleen Gilbert
Subject: Level II Inspection Report for TK Biolabs
Overall Inspection Finding: None

Recently the EHS Inspection Team conducted an inspection of your registered spaces. There were no inspection findings in your laboratory spaces. Reshma is doing an excellent job as the EHS Representative.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you have further questions or need assistance please contact your EHS Coordinator Lissa Natkin or your Lead Contact Kathy Gilbert x3-8409.

To do

For next time, we should place a plastic mat or change to tile underneath the 37°C and 30°C incubators.