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Knight Lab

Cleaning glassware

  1. Dirty glassware and plasticware goes on the carts.
    • There is one outside of 32-306 and inside 32-311.
  2. Periodically, wheel the carts to the dishwasher in 32-322 and load the glassware into the dishwasher.
    • Cylinders must be handwashed. They won't get washed properly in the dishwasher.
    • Before you start a load, also check 32-316 to see if there are gel trays and combs that need to be washed.
  3. Add Alconox dishwashing detergent to the soap container and outside the soap container.
    • Don't add too much detergent or it won't all dissolve in the wash.
  4. Start the dishwasher on the heavy cycle (setting 2).
  5. Set the cardboard sign on the dishwasher to clean.
  6. Once finished, unload the dishwasher onto the table next to the autoclaves.
  7. Add autoclave tape to each piece of glassware.
    • Doing this immediately helps to identify the glassware as clean.
    • Fold a side of the autoclave tape under to make it easy to remove later.
  8. Beakers and cylinders can be covered with foil and autoclave tape added to the foil.
  9. If available, load autoclavable glassware and plasticware into the clean autoclave.
    • Make sure the lids are loose.
  10. Sterilize the glassware for 1hr at 121°C.
  11. Once the autoclave cycle is finished and the pressure returns to zero, open the autoclave. If the autoclave is still hot, the heat should dry the glassware.
  12. If the glassware and plasticware is still wet, move it to the oven (on the ground, next to the autoclave).
  13. Heat in the oven for 1 hr at 50°C.
  14. Replace the glassware to the appropriate cabinets.

Some things to remember

  1. Do not wash cylinders in the dishwasher. You must wash them by hand.
  2. Do not put clean glassware on the dirty glassware cart. Otherwise, it will just get washed again.
  3. Do not overload the dishwasher with detergent.
  4. Do not leave dirty glassware in the sink.