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Welcome to my OWW home page. This is my personal 'lab page' for my ongoing academic projects. For more information on a specific project, click on the links below. See my User's Page for more information about me.

Ph. D. Thesis

I am in the process of wikifying my PhD Thesis entitled Biophysics of Polynucleotide Unzipping, Viral Codon Usage and Crystalline Defects.


Python - All a Scientist Needs
This is a paper/presentation for Pycon 2008 that I am writing on OWW. The paper is about how I used python and its libraries and extensions as a complete scientific programming package for a recent comparitive genomics study.
Scientific Programming Best Practices with Python and Subversion
Readings about lisp.
Readings about Biocomputing.
Python Articles
The start of a series of articles I would like to write on scientific programming using the python programming language.
Meetings and Notes
Drivel jotted down during meetings and talks.
Arxiv Reading and Notes
Notes on papers I am reading for my work at arXiv.org
My collection of scientific references with further links to notes I have taken on these papers.
Python Code Snippets
Some useful snippets.


Books to get
List of books.