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Biophysics of Polynucleotide Unzipping, Viral Codon Usage and Crystalline Defects

This is the wiki version of my Ph D Thesis in Chemical Physics from Harvard University. Below you will find the Abstract and Introduction as wiki pages, and links to the other chapters which have been published.





Introduction/Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Pause Point Spectra in DNA Constant-Force Unzipping can be found in

J. D. Weeks, J. B. Lucks, Y. Kafri, C. Danilowicz, D. R. Nelson and M. Prentiss. Pause Point Spectra in DNA Constant-Force Unzipping, Biophysical Journal, 88, 2752-2765, 2005.

DOI: 10.1529/biophysj.104.047340,
Arxiv: cond-mat/0406246 (FREE)

Chapter 3

Dynamics of RNA Translocation can be found in

J. B. Lucks, Y. Kafri. Dynamics of RNA Translocation through a Nanopore.

Arxiv: q-bio.BM/0703028 (FREE)

Chapter 4

Genome Landscapes and Bacteriophage Codon Usage can be found in

J. B. Lucks, D. R. Nelson, G. Kudla, J. B. Plotkin. Genome landscapes and bacteriophage codon usage.

Arxiv: arXiv:0708.2038v1 (q-bio.GN) (FREE)

Chapter 5

Crystallography on Curved Surfaces can be found in

V. Vitelli, J. B. Lucks, D. R. Nelson. Crystallography on Curved Surfaces. PNAS, 103, 12323-12328, 2006.

DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0602755103 (FREE)
Arxiv: cond-mat/0604203 (FREE)