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Spring 2008 - Introduction to Synthetic Biology

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Wet Lab: Part Measurements and Characterisation

Instructors: Geoff Baldwin, Kirsten Jensen, Duo Lu, Vincent Rouilly

Date: 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th February 2008

Venue: Wet Lab, RSC1 building.


  • Part Characterisations (data collection + analysis):
    • Constitutive Promoters
    • Inducible Promoter
    • Log/Stationary Phase detector (from iGEM MIT 2006)
    • GFP calibration curve
  • Wet Lab Skills:
    • E.Coli culture + monitoring growth (OD600)
    • Fluorescent measurement from a 96-well plate reader
    • Calibrated Fluorescent Measurement.
    • Data collection and analysis (lab notebook).
    • Sharing your data.



  • Registration to OpenWetWare required ( join OWW}.


  • Thanks to Jason Kelly (MIT) for providing us the DNA plasmids, and a great deal of feedbacks.
  • OpenWetWare folks for creating such a wonderful Open Science platform.