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Synthetic Biology (Spring2008): Computer Modelling Practicals


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CellDesigner Tutorial


CellDesigner Top Menu

  • CellDesigner can represent a large variety of biochemical compounds (Genes, RNA, Proteins, Receptors ... We won't use all of them)
  • Each biochemical entity as a specific symbol (see figure).

CellDesigner Compound Symbols

Functions related to compounds

  • Create a new compound: Select an icon (placed in the tool bar) by click and then click a point on the canvas

(draw area), where you want to place the new.

  • Delete a compound: Select the compound. Menu: Edit --> Delete.
  • Edit a compound : Double-click an object in the list window, or click with the right mouse button on the target in the draw area, then select [Edit Species]. The dialog box will pop-up to edit the contents of each Species.