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Synthetic Biology (Spring2008): Computer Modelling Practicals


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CellDesigner Tutorial

You will find here a basic introduction to the different features of CellDesigner. As much as we can, we link to the existing resources provided by the CellDesigner project. Take the time to explore this part of the tutorial before starting, and it should also be a good source of information to come back to later during the tutorials.

Example of a network produced by CellDesigner

Cell Designer Features

  • Biochemical, Gene Regulatory Networks Modeling with GUI
  • Visual Representation of Biochemical Semantics
  • SBML Compliant
  • Direct integration with SBML ODE Solver
  • Free download (Win32, OSX, Linux)

Our Objectives

  • To get familiar with a new modelling tool (standard annotation and kinetic simulation).
  • To use the software to explore the behaviour of simple genetic network motifs.
  • To be able to build and simulate new, and more complex, genetic networks (such as the ones you will build later in the course).