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iGEM is the international genetically engineered machines competition. The objective of the competition is to design and build an engineered biological system using DNA. Systems will be constructed from standard biological parts. Although iGEM originated at MIT, in 2006, there were around 40 schools participating from around the world (see map). You can read more about the competition here or read a short description of what the MIT team did. Our project Eau d'E coli won Best System at the 2006 iGEM Jamboree!
https://giving.mit.edu/images/give_now.gif to the MIT 2008 iGEM team or alternatively, [[../Sponsorship |learn more]].

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For information on the 2006 MIT iGEM project on "Eau d'e coli" see the following

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The MIT iGEM team consisted of 5 undergraduate students working fulltime during summer 2006 on engineering a biological system. In addition, we had 5 graduate student advisors and 2 faculty advisors.