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Sources of funding:


Places to advertise/recruit students:

(MIT undergrad administrators)

  • BE180: done
  • MIT UROP posting: done
  • Previous iGEM participants (contacted Annie, Will)
  • Posters (Media:MIT-iGEM-intelligent-design-poster.pdf)
  • BMES (contacted officers)
  • BE109: announcement posted on class site
  • BME minor students: done
  • Ad appearing in the Tech on Friday: done.
  • Course 1 (CEE): emailed stewart
  • Course 2 (ME): emailed peggyg
  • Course 3 (MSE): emailed krf
  • Course 6 (EECS): done
  • Course 7 (Bio): done
  • Course 10 (ChemE): done
  • Course 20 (BE): done via BE109/BE180
  • Email this year's 6.270 participants?

At least so far, I can say that our posters/tech ad have almost no effect. A total of 4 accesses have been made to the address All the other hits seen on the page count must be due to emails.

Sample email

If you are looking for an intense summer research experience involving engineered biological systems design, experimental lab work, and team work, I wanted to let you know about iGEM:

If you are interested, please consider applying for a position on the 2006 MIT team. The team is looking for ~5 students. All team members will earn a full summer research stipend. It'll be hard work but there are a number of folks lining up to support the MIT team this year; we are hoping to win (against teams from > 100 other schools from around the world).




Post here:

How about this:


Join the MIT iGEM Competition Team!


iGEM, the international genetically engineered machines competition, is 6.270 for biological engineers. The objective of the competition is to design and build an engineered biological system using DNA over the course of the summer. Systems will be constructed from standard biological parts (similar to the 6.270 LEGOs). The MIT iGEM team will be made up of 4-5 undergraduates working full-time during summer 2006 on engineering a biological system. The team will be advised by several experienced graduate students. You will have the opportunity to compete against over 30 schools from around the world. You will gain experience in experimental biology techniques such as cloning, PCR, microscopy and flow cytometry as well as teamwork and presenting your work.


Biology lab experience would be useful but not an absolute requirement. Enthusiasm and lack of other commitments in the summer is required.


See for more information about applying or email


  • BC 19:52, 22 March 2006 (EST): So for right now, we basically want this page to be primarily an ad for the team and the competition, correct?
  • RS 20:03, 22 March 2006 (EST): Yes. Once we choose the team, it will become a portal to the team pages.
  • Jennyn 12:01, 4 April 2006 (EDT): Substituting something more positive for "lack of other commitments" (in the Prereqs) such as, "full-time availability" or something a little more exciting, may be more persuasive.