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Reprints always available upon request; erase the final "a" in my address when you send the message.

Articles and links for their download can be found as of May, 2012, on Mendeley.

In press as of May, 2012

Miguel Reyes-Múgica, Mark Beckwith, Heather C Etchevers (2012) Etiology of congenital melanocytic nevi and related conditions, sous presse. In Nevogenesis (Practical Clinical Medicine series)Clinical Medicine.


Christelle Golzio, Emmanuelle Havis, Philippe Daubas, Gregory Nuel, Candice Babarit, Arnold Munnich, Michel Vekemans, Stéphane Zaffran, Stanislas Lyonnet, Heather C Etchevers (2012) ISL1 Directly Regulates FGF10 Transcription during Human Cardiac Outflow Formation., e30677. In PLoS ONE 7 (1).


Matthias Macé, Stéphane D Galiacy, Angélique Erraud, José Enrique Mejía, Heather Etchevers, Michèle Allouche, Laurence Desjardins, Patrick Calvas, François Malecaze (2011) Comparative transcriptome and network biology analyses demonstrate antiproliferative and hyperapoptotic phenotypes in human keratoconus corneas., 6181-91. In Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 52 (9).

Marie Cognet, Agnés Nougayrede, Valérie Malan, Patrick Callier, Celia Cretolle, Laurence Faivre, David Genevieve, Alice Goldenberg, Delphine Heron, Sandra Mercier, Nicole Philip, Sabine Sigaudy, Alain Verloes, Sabine Sarnacki, Arnold Munnich, Michel Vekemans, Stanislas Lyonnet, Heather Etchevers, Jeanne Amiel, Loïc de Pontual (2011) Dissection of the MYCN locus in Feingold syndrome and isolated oesophageal atresia., 602-6. In European Journal of Human Genetics 19 (5).

Loïc de Pontual, Dania Kettaneh, Christopher T. Gordon, Myriam Oufadem, Nathalie Boddaert, Melissa Lees, Laurent Balu, Eric Lachassinne, Andy Petros, Julie Mollet, Louise C. Wilson, Arnold Munnich, Laurence Brugière, Olivier Delattre, Michel Vekemans, Heather Etchevers, Stanislas Lyonnet, Isabelle Janoueix-Lerosey, Jeanne Amiel (2011) Germline gain-of-function mutations of ALK disrupt central nervous system development., 272-6. In Human Mutation 32 (3).

Sven Krengel, Helmut Breuninger, Mark Beckwith, Heather C Etchevers (2011) Meeting report from the 2011 international expert meeting on large congenital melanocytic nevi and neurocutaneous melanocytosis, Tübingen. E1-6. In Pigment Cell & Melanoma research 24 (4).

Heather Etchevers (2011) Primary culture of chick, mouse or human neural crest cells, 1568-1577. In Nature Protocols 6 (10).


Sophie Thomas, Ferechté Encha-Razavi, Louise Devisme, Heather Etchevers, Bettina Bessieres-Grattagliano, Géraldine Goudefroye, Nadia Elkhartoufi, Emilie Pateau, Amale Ichkou, Maryse Bonnière, Pascale Marcorelle, Philippe Parent, Sylvie Manouvrier, Muriel Holder, Annie Laquerrière, Laurence Loeuillet, Joelle Roume, Jelena Martinovic, Soumaya Mougou-Zerelli, Marie Gonzales, Vincent Meyer, Marc Wessner, Christine Bole Feysot, Patrick Nitschke, Nadia Leticee, Arnold Munnich, Stanislas Lyonnet, Peter Wookey, Gabor Gyapay, Bernard Foliguet, Michel Vekemans, Tania Attié-Bitach (2010) High-throughput sequencing of a 4.1 Mb linkage interval reveals FLVCR2 deletions and mutations in lethal cerebral vasculopathy, 1134-41. In Human Mutation 31 (10).

Myriam Chaabouni, Heather Etchevers, Marie Christine De Blois, Patrick Calvas, Marie Christine Waill-Perrier, Michel Vekemans, Serge Pierrick Romana (2010) Identification of the IRXB gene cluster as candidate genes in severe dysgenesis of the ocular anterior segment., 4380-6. In Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 51 (9).


Loïc de Pontual, Norann a Zaghloul, Sophie Thomas, Erica E Davis, David M McGaughey, Hélène Dollfus, Clarisse Baumann, Seneca L Bessling, Candice Babarit, Anna Pelet, Cecilia Gascue, Philip Beales, Arnold Munnich, Stanislas Lyonnet, Heather Etchevers, Tania Attie-Bitach, Jose L Badano, Andrew S McCallion, Nicholas Katsanis, Jeanne Amiel (2009) Epistasis between RET and BBS mutations modulates enteric innervation and causes syndromic Hirschsprung disease., 13921-6. In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106 (33).

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Sarah Boissel, Orit Reish, Karine Proulx, Hiroko Kawagoe-Takaki, Barbara Sedgwick, Giles S H Yeo, David Meyre, Christelle Golzio, Florence Molinari, Noman Kadhom, Heather C Etchevers, Vladimir Saudek, I Sadaf Farooqi, Philippe Froguel, Tomas Lindahl, Stephen O'Rahilly, Arnold Munnich, Laurence Colleaux (2009) Loss-of-function mutation in the dioxygenase-encoding FTO gene causes severe growth retardation and multiple malformations., 106-11. In American Journal of Human Genetics 85 (1).

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Ezat Sajedi, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Massimo Signore, Cynthia L Andoniadou, Daniel Kelberman, Sandra Castro, Heather C Etchevers, Dianne Gerrelli, Mehul T Dattani, Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera (2008) Analysis of mouse models carrying the I26T and R160C substitutions in the transcriptional repressor HESX1 as models for septo-optic dysplasia and hypopituitarism., 241-54. In Disease Models & Mechanisms 1 (4-5).

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Sophie Thomas, Lekbir Baala, Jean-Claude Quintyn, Nicolas Chassaing and Eric Detrait have published other work outside of our laboratory. See under their names at PubMed.