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Laboratory notebook

Techniques and protocols en francais

PBS-PBT recipes
Extraction ARN total de tissus
Immunoprecipitation de la chromatine (francais)
PCR de base

Techniques and protocols in English

ChIP in English
Gardner Lab ChIP with Dynabeads
Adjuvants for PCR tweaking
DNA sequencing clean-up for ABI 3130
Human neural crest cell medium as used 2003-2008
How to make in situ hybridization probes from PCR products without cloning

Trucs utiles avec un lien un jour

• Comment envoyer un Fedex
• Paperasse autour de la radioactivité


We remember those who were our dear colleagues, friends and collaborators:

• Christiane Ayer-Le Lievre
• Patrizia Cameron-Curry
• Marcy Speer