Etchevers:Notebook/STRA6 in eye development/2008/05/07

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PCR of genomic control element of IRX complex

Had ordered F and R primers for control element 157 that may drive IRX gene expression in the human eye. Test amplification with these primers to sequence patients next week with anterior chamber eye defects.

If we find the box of DNA. If I get a spot on the sequencer. If it amplifies easily.

Used 56°C, GoTaq green buffer, 25 μL and 40/40/40s x30 cycles.

Am preparing course in neural crest development.

The Pax6 in situ that Angelique did seemed to not work at all on the control embryo slides. I threw them all away - they have worked for nothing at all. However, nice retinal signal, especially the IGL and EGL and RGC layers, for control eyes. Possible signal in single cells in stroma.

Need to set up a new mouse mating next week to have her pregnant the week of the 22nd, for control embryos for sectioning.