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• Devices used for generating ~ 20µm double-emulsion droplets that can be used for Flow cytometry analysis or FACS.
• The microfluidic chip has three inlets: one for the cells, one for the substrate and one for the oil+surfactant.


Reference Tauzin, A.S., Pereira, M.R., Van Vliet, L.D. et al. Investigating host-microbiome interactions by droplet based microfluidics. Microbiome 8, 141 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40168-020-00911-z

Designed by: Martin Fischlechner


  • 20µm triple inlet for the first emulsion: png, dwg
  • 20µm double inlet for the second emulsion:png, dwg

  • Usage Notes

    Please enter any comments that other users may find useful below this note (such as flow rates that worked well for particular oil/aqueous phases). When providing usage notes please provide as much detail as useful. We would request that you 'sign' any comments with your initials.

    Flow rates used: The chip device used to make the second emulsion or Water-in-Oil-in-Water droplets should be treated to be hydrophilic before use. LvV, 2020