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Dual aqueous inlet flow-focusing junction for the generation of ≈ 3 pL droplets. Blue: depth ≈ 12 µm


D. Schnettler Fernández, O. J. Klein, T. S. Kaminski, P.-Y. Colin, F. Hollfelder. Ultrahigh-throughput directed evolution of a metal-free α/β-hydrolase with a Cys-His-Asp triad into an efficient phosphotriesterase. unpublished

Submitted by: David Schnettler Fernández


    png, dxf

Usage Notes

Please enter any comments that other users may find useful below this note (such as flow rates that worked well for particular oil/aqueous phases). When providing usage notes please provide as much detail as useful. We would request that you 'sign' any comments with your initials.

With flow rates of aqueous phase 2 x 50 µL/h for the two aqueous phases and oil 500 µL/h for the oil phase this device generated 3 pL droplets at rates of 0.5–3 kHz. DSF