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A lab is a place for us to do good research.

Starting from 11/01/2020, the lab will be affiliated with Harvard Medical School (#1 medical school in USA) at Boston Children's Hospital (#1 children's hospital in USA). To apply for a position, please send a CV, cover letter or research statement, and information for three references to the PI, Kaifu Chen, PhD (Bchkfc.png).

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Position

Strong candidates must have a PhD or Master degree with bioinformatics, computation sciences, mathematics, statistics, physics, or other related backgrounds. Research may entail developing algorithms or databases, inventing statistical methods, or combining cutting-edge bioinformatics technologies to make biomedical discovery using next generation sequencing data. Experiences with cardiovascular research, cancer genomics, epigenetic regulation of transcription, post-transcriptional regulation of RNA expression, and single-cell sequencing techniques are strongly preferred. Successful candidates will have many opportunities to collaborate with top-tier biologists and physician scientists.

Functional Genomics Position in Cardiovascular Research

Candidates are expected to have research experience with high throughput sequencing as well as biochemical, molecular, cellular, and anima experiments. Successful candidates will have opportunity to work on a variety of topics on the basis of their major research interests, including but not limited to, chromatin 3D structure (Hi-C), RNA methylation, lncRNA, RNA splicing, RNA Polyadenylation, histone modifications, DNA methylation, and transcription factor bindings, with biomedical implications in cell differentiation and cardiovascular regenerative medicine. The candidates will be co-mentored by one of our accomplished wet-bench collaborators, and will have extensive collaborations with computational biologists.

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