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James Field: Aims:

Morning: 1) Finish extracting BioBricks from Registry.

  • BBa_R0011
  • BBa_K118011
  • BBa_I0500

2) Train up a Bioengineer and begin promoter testing.



Made a start on colanic acid wet lab prep. Deadline for completion set to Wednesday.


Extracted BioBricks from registry as planned.

--David Roche 12:14, 10 August 2009 (EDT) Achievements
Focused on trehalose section of Module 2: Discussed with James and Nuri in the morning the design rationale of Module 2. Came up with a list of criteria to be filled in for each section - trehalose. Worked on developing trehalose assay

Royah Vaezi 17:28, 9 August 2009 (EDT): Aims:

1)Finish extracting BioBricks from Registry with James/show bioengineers.

  • BBa_R0011
  • BBa_K118011
  • BBa_I0500

2)Train up a bioengineer and begin PCR for cloning & primer design for SLIC.


1) List all jobs and assign them

2) Decide on website architecture and implement foundations

  • Decide on technologies used:
    • Flash
    • Javascript
  • Create browser-selective script
  • Create Flash to Javascript messages/switch


1) MATLAB tutorial

  • 1h or 2

2) Timer design: DRYLAB only?

  • James: Implement Glucose/Arabinose in the lab as well as model it
  • Kun: No wetlab implementation
  • Dave:
  • Nuri: not clear, not spend too much
  • TianYi: timer is not essential, focus more on encapsulation
  • Dineka: give priority encapsulation

  • Characterise the outputs of experiments
  • Aim for step by step approach
  • Journal Club: Nuri send paper round
  • Summarise the set of data that we are getting from experiments, with testing constructs and everything


  • Help out with planning constructs for M2 (relationship between [glucose] and CRP.
  • Modelling considerations: Dry lab plan

Weekly aims:

  • Organize wiki
  • Send list of people and availability through september Done but needs discussion

Updated weekly aims

Split up into modules and fill in the following criteria: DNA, assembly, assays, output data from experiments, shopping list for each protocol, modelling perspectives. Module navigation

Module 1

DNA constructs   Done
Assembly   Needs to be revised for SLIC usage
Assays   Done, Protocols transcribed to OWW pages
Output Data   Give feedback plz
Shopping list   In progress
Modelling perspectives   Needs detailing

Module 2

Split up :
Nuri - Promoter Characterisation
James - Colanic Acid
Dave - Trehalose Production

DNA constructs  

JF Done Please Feedback
DR Done Please Feedback


DR : Not yet done,

Not Done - JF


DR : In Progress,

JF in progress - Please Feedback

Output Data   DR : In Progress (feedback) JF in progress - Please Feedback

Shopping list   DR : Done (feedback) JF Done Please Feedback

Modelling perspectives   DR : done In Progress, JF in progress - Please Feedback

Module 3

Split up :
Thermoinduction - Kun
Killing - Dineka

DNA constructs  

KX Done Please Feedback
DK Done Please Feedback


KX & DK: Not yet done.

Assays   KX : Done - Beta gal & temperature shift. DK : Done - Staining. CFU in progress.

Output Data   KX & DK : In Progress

Shopping list   KX : Done - Beta gal & temperature shift. DK : Done - Staining. CFU in progress.

Modelling perspectives   KX & DK : In progress.